Getting involved

If you want to help WordRider project, you don't have to be Java guru.
Here are a few ways anyone can get involved with WordRider.

Submit error reports

Did you notice some strange behaviour of WordRider? Did application generate runtime exception in wordrider.log?
Please let us know in forum.

Write documentation

We need better documentation for users. Official complete help for WordRider still does not exist.
You can help with creating flash tutorials, walkthrough or WordRider quick user reference. Also much of the existing code isn't very well documented.

Spread WordRider

Is your friend a user of TI calculator and WordRider might be useful for him? Let him/her to know about WordRider!

Fixing bugs and patches - Subversion repository

Is there some bug that really bothers you? Feel free to fix it.
Stable releases are provided in the Downloads section, but if you want the full&latest source code, you will have to get it from the CVS-like system called Subversion.
Repository can be browsed from It's password protected because of web robots. Username and password is wordrider.
Subversion repository is hosted on revolutionary network.

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