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30th March 2007 - WordRider sources in Subversion repository

WordRider sources are now placed in Subversion repository.
Stable releases are provided in the Downloads section, but if you want the full&latest source code, you will have to get it from the CVS-like system called Subversion.
Repository can be browsed from It's password protected because of web robots. Username and password is wordrider.
Is there some bug that really bothers you? Feel free to fix it.

Subversion repository is hosted on revolutionary network.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please use this forum.

25th February 2007 - WordRider 0.8 released

The next version of WordRider was released today. I hope that you will like these new features.
Now you can remove TI Notefolio Creatorâ„¢ from your system :-) . All of your older Notefolio documents can be easily imported into WordRider (Why not to use TI Notefolio Creator?).
I special thank to all translators, to Rusttaf for his great icons in WordRider and to Sislik for his flash tutorials .
If you have any questions to WordRider or any suggestions, please use this forum.

03rd January 2007 - Ads on

I have decided to add ads on this website. The reason for this is, obviously, to make enough money to pay for better and more reliable(=more expensive) hosting and to get money for my future projects. The number of donations via Paypal is not so high as I would wish :-).

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