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Support for file renaming

Posted by Vity 
Support for file renaming
July 06, 2012 11:07AM
@Birchie, @Ntoskrnl @Tong2shot
I committed a change to allow user to rename a target file instantly (press F2).
Please review the code and your feedback is welcome.
There is also a new internal property - for following feature
public static final String RENAME_FILE_ACTION_SELECT_WITHOUT_EXTENSION = "renameFileActionSelectWithoutExtension";

"fileXXX.pdf|" - | is a blinking cursor...




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Re: Support for file renaming
July 07, 2012 07:29AM
Any file in the download list can be renamed,
Renaming completed downloads and Renaming a downloading file (updates when complete) both work fine
But when a renamed queued file starts or continues downloading, the rename is lost and it reverts back to the original name.
?? limiting rename to complete or downloading status OR remembering the rename ??

Problem Found :
without pressing F2 (or Rename from the menu)
if the selected cell is in the filename column, typing will start a search and rename the filename to the first typed character,
pressing or button deletes the filename (not link is not removed from the list)
Re: Support for file renaming
July 07, 2012 08:27AM
Thanks for noticing that problem with a searching. It's fixed now, but I am not sure with the states...


Re: Support for file renaming
July 11, 2012 04:07PM
Same with birchie. The filename reverted back to original name when I started (start at 0 byte) to download queued file or tried to resume. Cancel then start download also reverted the filename back. Renaming works fine when I was in the middle of downloading the file and without interruption (Cancel or Pause).
Re: Support for file renaming
July 11, 2012 07:12PM
Sure, there are not much ways how to handle it. If I block later renaming, users would want to renew original filename again...


Re: Support for file renaming
February 07, 2013 03:29AM
For me the option on the right click menu to rename is blocked, renaming only works with F2. You should have the option to rename the file inside "file info" (don't know how is in english, right now i'm using portuguese).
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