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Fake IP

Posted by onno69 
Fake IP
March 13, 2016 07:17PM

Im downloading several files from turbobit. After the start of a download I have to wait 30min to start a new one. Its very annoying. There is no problem to download 30 files same time, but if there is a disconnection I have to resume all and its ennoying.

I tried to use some IP hider softwares to skip this gap but all softwares I found were for browsers.

Is there any other way to cheat turbobit over IP to skip that 30min? Or a program which will hide my IP even on FRD too?

Btw, it wud be good to receive an email from FRD whenever a download is corrupt, to be able to interfere ASAP. Currently when I connect to my pc I see some or all my download were stopped. I believe turbobit does it on purpose to make people give up and pay. If I receive an email, I wont lose time to resume a download.


Re: Fake IP
March 13, 2016 10:40PM
Have you tried using proxy/proxy list (Options -> Preferences.. -> Connections)? But I suppose finding reliable proxies for 30 concurrent downloads would be hard. Another alternative is using VPN.
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