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[Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader

Posted by wakkawalla 
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 06:54AM
Can you please tell me how to use it exactly, meaning where and what to type. I'm now trying to launch it from a batch file with "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe s" but it does not seem to set anything in FRD itself. The shutdown option is still the same - OFF.
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 08:40AM
hi maiki, it shouldn't be difficult to use at all, and it looks like you are using it correctly...

not sure why you are using a batch file unless you have other commands/programs to run at the same time.
i have scheduled it on my machine with it's own scheduled task with "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe q" as i only need it to shut the FRD program and leave my PC running.

you can test it individually (not yet scheduled) by just running it first without any parameters, i.e. "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe" and it should popup a message box telling you that it needs 1 parameter - this will automatically close after 20 seconds if you don't hit the OK button yourself.

the second test you can run, if the above works, is to run your batch file manually with the parameter. with FRD running, you should see the menu being manipulated as if you had clicked the items. after the batch file finishes, wait 5-10 seconds ad check FRD, it should have the correct radio button marked.

if all this doesn't work, then i'm at a loss at this point on what the problem could be (it works on my system) - the other AHK mini-apps I attached before works for you right?

good luck, debug.
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 08:51AM
...can't seem to edit my post...

p.s. just to make sure we are sort of on the right page and talking about the same thing. this mini-app does not set the otion in FRD permanently, it only sets it temporarily as if you would do it manually; it just saves you from having to wait up for FRD to start (from your scheduled task) as you mentioned you have to do in your post. i.e. assuming that FRD is not running on your system, you would have the equivalent of 3 scheduled tasks; scheduled task 1 would start FRD at say 1:55am, scheduled task 2 would run the "FRD_select_all_and_resume.exe" mini-app at say 2:00am, and scheduled task 3 would run this new mini-app "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe s" at say 2:05am.
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 09:01AM
sorry, the last bit should read - scheduled task 3 would run this new mini-app "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe s" at say 8:05am.
or whenever your off-peak time finishes.

btw, all my AHK apps waits 4 seconds after activating the FRD app before it starts to perform the actions.
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 09:54AM
When I run the script itself, it pops up the message it requires a parameter. But when I type "FRD_auto_shutdown_option s" nothing happens... FRD option in the menu is still OFF... Anyway, this option should be in FRD itself, don't know why it's only in the menu and is not a permanent setting...
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 10:03AM
Perhaps, your script does not see correctly my FRD application running since I don't see any action taking place? In the Task Manager the name is "FreeRapid Downloader 0.83u1 - Vity (c) 2009" if you are getting the focus this way.
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 12:43PM
hi maiki,

very strange; your windows title is different to mine...
i have been using "FreeRapid Downloader 0.83u1 by Vity&team" for my scripts, and it looks like it's the same version as you are using, but has a different title...hmmm....

looks like you may be right, so i have changed my app to look only for window titles beginning with "FreeRapid Downloader" (attached), so it should hopefully work for all current versions.

also, i have noticed sometimes when FRD doesn't respond to the activation part quickly enough that the other commands are not performed, so i have had to alter my schedule to rerun after another minute.

btw, are you using any of the other scripts successfully? i would be surprised if you do and they work as they would also be looking for the wring window to activate...

anyway, give this version a try, and let me know how it goes. cheers, debug.
open | download - FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe (202.4 KB)
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 03:54PM

The problem was that I had a different language set, so both the application title and menu commands were all different...

So, also to others, remember to set the language to ENGLISH otherwise you are likely to run into problems.

Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
July 03, 2010 05:50PM
you're welcome, and that's great news!

yes, different language sets or regional settings are a real pain in the neck sometimes - glad you worked out what the problem was - it didn't even occur to me that this would have been the issue for you as I assumed you were already using the english settings from your posts.

btw, I just realised that my self correction was actually a mistake and my original instruction was correct, i.e.
...scheduled task 3 would run this new mini-app "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe s" at say 8:05am.
should be:
...scheduled task 3 would run this new mini-app "FRD_auto_shutdown_option.exe s" at say 2:05am.
as I was still thinking of how my other app"FRD_select_all_and_pause.exe" would be scheduled to run after any off-peak time finishes. this isn't how the auto-shutdown app should run though as you need to set this early before your downloads would finish.

sorry for the confusion everyone. cheers.
Re: [Tut]Scheduler for FreeRapid Downloader
November 25, 2010 04:20PM
Hi There,

I thought I'd just stop by and post some of the updated mini-apps that I use most often updated to work with the new version 0.85 build 5555. Enjoy! smiling smiley

cheers, debug.
open | download - FRD_resume_selected_only.exe (202.2 KB)
open | download - FRD_select_all_and_pause.exe (202.3 KB)
open | download - FRD_select_all_and_resume.exe (202.3 KB)
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