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Is it a bug?

Posted by elishac 
Is it a bug?
October 29, 2006 06:27AM
As far as I remember, no installation is requiered for wordrider, you just need to unzip it. Once it is done, I usually make all my ti files to be always open by wordrider. But the problem is that when I remove wordrider from the desktop (so as to put it in program files, for example), the ti programs don't open anymore with wordrider, even if i make him go back to the desktop. If I do open with, it doesn't work either.
The only way to handle this is to remove wordrider and to unzip it again, and afterwards it's possible once again to open ti files with wordrider (without going in the open... of the program itself).

---> my conclusion is that wordrider can only be put in the desktop, otherwise it doesn't offer to open ti files automatically.

---> Have you ever seen this bug? Is it normal? What can I do in order to be able to put the program in "program files", without having to do ctrl+o each time I want to open a new existing ti file?

I hope you have understood my question (sorry for my bad English). If you don't, just tell me what you want me to explain again.

Thanks for answering fast.
Re: Is it a bug?
October 29, 2006 10:57PM
Hello elishac,
it's not definitely normal. I'm reading about such problems for the first time.
You can try to run WordRider in debug mode where you can explore possible errors:
Open console (Windows Start->run type cmd, Run). Type 'java -jar wordrider.jar -debug' and Enter, in Wordrider's directory. Then try to open files. Post me any errors which occur.
You can also try to run this the latest build. It generates log file automatically (wordrider.log). If it contains errors, please post it in its topic thread.

WordRider 0.75 contains similar bug - it's not able to run on the path which contains '!' (exclamation mark). This was fixed in the latest build I mentioned.

Hope this can help to solve your problem.



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