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USB communication error:Cancel (8C08CCCC)

Posted by Richard 
USB communication error:Cancel (8C08CCCC)
August 07, 2007 12:38PM
Mr. Vity...
While the transffer is underway,this msg. ''USB communication error:Cancel (8C08CCCC) .....comes up!!!!
I click on the alternative ..''skip''..and the transffer the material saved on the wordRider proceeds!

Upon clicking to view the files..ie..

2nd , VAR-LINK, textrider()..

i'm getting a heartbreaking msg. that reads...
error, memory...with two alternatives respectively..

I've deleted and re-loaded the material 9 times!!! but this is all i get.
Prior to this unfortunate revelation, i have infact succeeded..untill i decided to add more text.
Please, do help if you can.
Thanks in advance.
Re: USB communication error:Cancel (8C08CCCC)
August 07, 2007 01:17PM
Hello Richard,
it looks like problem described here: [www.unitedti.org] I have never met such this problem, because I own old TI-89 variant with a serial link.
I would recommend you to try to move files with TiLP. It's an alternative to TI Connect.
It may help.



Re: USB communication error:Cancel (8C08CCCC)
August 07, 2007 01:50PM
well, once again thanks for a quick ans.
Yeah, indeed i think that the prob. is related to the size, i have also tried to minimize the file but to no avail!
However, one thing is fuzzy here..
when i download the 'text file' alone--that is minus the images 'to be included'.., i can view it, but once i download the 'entire' file, with diagrames included..the 'error' msg. props up once again.
Well i will continiue with my 'tries' and 'errors'.
...to be continiued...
Re: USB communication error:Cancel (8C08CCCC)
August 08, 2007 11:28AM
have given up including the diagrams all together, and thus retain the text only.
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