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WordRider v0.7 screen TI92/TI92+/V200 compatibility

Posted by Renato Costa 
Hy Vity... my first words are: Great Work!!

Sorry my english... i'm portuguese.
Vity i use Voyage 200 and the WordRider is unique. Simply the best.
I create TEXT's for my calculator... but if i put images they are resized to the screen of TI89. My suggestion is: Can you modify the parameters of your bitmap editor. If i try to put 240x120(the resolution screen of the TI92/Ti92+/V200) your editor don't accept because you make them compatible with TI89.
I Know you can make this...
Good work and THX for your great program.

I keep me logged to you Vity.

Re: WordRider v0.7 screen TI92/TI92+/V200 compatibility
July 21, 2005 03:32PM
Thanks for your nice words Renato.
I will see what i can do into the next version.It's not so easy as it looks like smiling smiley.
If you have other requests about compatibility with TI9x so please write theme here.I will probably change a roadmap and I improve compatibility to other calcs.

Thanks for using WordRider
(if you like it so tell about WordRider to your friends smiling smiley


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Hy, Thank you very much for this very good program.

I'm very happy to get it!

There's just a little thing that could be changed in the future version:
I have a voyage 200 and if I check TI92 Emulation {in the menu (in French sorry) : Affichage/Emulation/ Emulation Ti-92.}, the screen on my v200 is biggest that the screen on wordrider wich is more little of 4 caracters: 1 line on wordrider has 36 caracters whereas on v200 1 line has 40 caracters.

Is it possible to choose the size of the screen on wordrider? or
Would it be difficult on the next version to have a option to chose V200 emulation (with the correst screen)?

That's not really important but it's could be better

Thank you again for this lovely program
Re: WordRider v0.7 screen TI92/TI92+/V200 compatibility
September 10, 2005 12:20PM
Hello mxrider!
Thank you for your contribution. You're right with the lengths. I will fix it today. It will be included in the upcoming 0.74 version, which I release very soon(probably tommorow or during the next week).I am sure that you will like this new version.:)
If you meet with another incompatibility so don't worry to write it here.

Thanks again



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Vity, you are simply the best ;)
Nice work on 0.74 version. I use the V200 and i'm very happy with this new release of WordRider.
I suggest people to use Hibtext, is more stable than Hibview on V200 3.10 OS version.
What you think Vity?
Good Work and go on, you are the man :)

I keep me logged to you Vity.


Hey Vity, i forgot... very nice HOMEPAGE ;)

Good Work!
Re: WordRider v0.7 screen TI92/TI92+/V200 compatibility
September 13, 2005 09:39PM
Thank you Renato for your sweet words. I am pleasured that you like this version.
I wouldn't add the support for 92/V200 if you wouldn't have asked for it.:)
The site was designed by one friend of mine - Siris(his website: http://websiris.com. He's a great web designer.We used one of my photo (http://wordrider.net/photos);). I just only update a content and i transform it using XML/XSL for easier updating.
Anyway, WordRider - it's not only my work, but also friends around me - Rusttaf's graphics, Sislik's tutorials, testers, translators, people which help me with Java etc... and of course - users which know what they want :).
Hibtext - I didn't know about its existance. I noticed that it was an older version of Hibview - Unfortunately i can't find any binaries of this program. Can you send me them? I would like to test it.

Enjoy it :)





Contrary to my hopes, HibView is not very stable on V200 or under the AMS 2.08. So I will test my programm again on this AMS (and even on the recent 2.09). In fact, it appears that HibText is more stable than HibView. So, I propose you again downloading HibText, until I debug HibView : HibText 1.0b7 (197 Ko) - HibText 1.0b7 (kernel) (190 Ko) - HibText 1.0b7 (sources) (40 Ko)


Hi Vity.

Really sorry for the late answer.
I use HibText 1.0b7k on my V200 AMS 3.10, is really more stable than HibText on Voyage 200, i never crashed the calculator with HibText. Test it Vity, please.
Very thanks to you Ladislav Vitasek, Pavel Ulc and Jaromir Salamon.
Go on Vity and company ;).

WordRider is simply WordRider... :)


Re: WordRider v0.7 screen TI92/TI92+/V200 compatibility
September 09, 2009 03:07PM
muy bueno tu aporte graciass desdevenezuela
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