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SlimerJS not found

Posted by ifox 
Re: SlimerJS not found
January 16, 2020 05:13PM
Would it be possible to sticky this topic and add a link to the pages referenced to the FAQ?
I just had to reinstall FRD on one of my computers and it was harder than I thought to track down the fix for the "SlimerJS not found" error because I wasted time looking at the FAQ and looking for a stickied topic that mentioned "SlimerJS", wound up using the search on the forum and found this and the ReCaptcha thread, which I probably should have done from the start, but I can't believe that it doesn't deserve a mention in the FAQ so people can just search for "SlimerJS not found" and find a link to the solution.

I also think two links should be in the FAQ, one for the solution

One for the download links
Re: SlimerJS not found
January 17, 2020 07:30PM


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