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Features you don't need to already ask for (again)

Posted by Vity 
Features you don't need to already ask for (again)
August 08, 2009 10:02AM
These following features are already on my TODO list for future versions:
    - Autoextraction files from ZIP/RAR archives
    - Grouping of files in the main list
    - Calling anti-virus scanner after file download
    - Scheduler
    - RASdial - autoreconnect/launch script after every finished download
    - Better dialog for CAPTCHAs (with timeout etc)
    - columns sorting (done in 0.85)
    - Support for SOCKS proxy (done in 0.83)
    - Button for refresh proxy list (done in 0.85)
    - Save/Open links to/from file (done in 0.85)
    - .DLC/.CCF/.RSDF (we accidentally added support for these in 0.85...)
    - Speed limiter (done in 0.85)
    - Support for resuming files (done in 0.83)
    - More alerts with sound (like notify on reciept of file) and autopopup dialog when download complete
    - Download statistics of files
    - Webcontrol and command line interface
    - Quiet mode (done in 0.86)
    - improved CAPTCHA recognition (see [wordrider.net])
    - Ask/Replace/Skip with timeout
    - add categories like Emule, in order to sort by categories or Sites o wherever label. Preconfigured / Basic Categories like "Downloading" or "Active" (download and queue) or "Paused" or "completed"
    - Shutdown after Current Download has finished - [bugtracker.wordrider.net]
    - Some nice graphs (eg. [wordrider.net])
    - Preventing standby while downloading [done 0.86]

I don't know when the specific feature will be implemented.

Never will be implemented:
- Automatic FRD update -
Unfortunately automatic updates cannot be implemented. FRD needs to be redownloaded into a separate folder because sometimes files need to be added or deleted. Also, we still haven't found a server that handles 2.3 million users downloading a file. We really don't have an access to AKAMAI network like Microsoft or Google has.


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