Package cz.vity.freerapid.plugins.exceptions

Exception Summary
BadLoginException Invalid user name/password for accessing privileged area
BuildMethodException Exception used by MethodBuilder to inform about fatal exception during building HTTP method from the content of website.
CaptchaEntryInputMismatchException Service requires correct user input to continue downloading.
ErrorDuringDownloadingException Error during downloading process
FailedToLoadCaptchaPictureException Failed to load CAPTCHA picture
NotEnoughSpaceException Not enough space on the disk exception.
NotRecoverableDownloadException File downloading cannot continue.
NotSupportedDownloadByServiceException Service/plugin does not support given URL for downloading
PluginImplementationException Plugin does not understand response from the server.
ServiceConnectionProblemException Problem with connection to the service
URLNotAvailableAnymoreException File on the given URL is not available anymore
YouHaveToWaitException User has to wait some given time to be able download again