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Enter captcha on mobil phone

Posted by mates007 
Enter captcha on mobil phone
December 20, 2012 09:45AM
I am running FRD in a virtual machine, so it is independent on my main computer, and control it via remote desktop.
Now, if I put dozens of links there, I have to check and enter captcha every time - with remote desktop connected.

I would like to enter captcha on my cell phone.

My idea:
- frd listens for http requests on chosen port
- if browser connects, a captcha that waits in frd is displayed (in a simple html markup, with input field)
- if entered, captcha is passed to frd and download starts
- automatic refresh would be good too
- maybe some authentication would be good too

This is the most simple approach I could imagine, but of course, some native app would be better, but should not be a problem for someone, if network API exists.

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