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reconnect feature

Posted by zevel80300 
reconnect feature
June 09, 2009 07:29PM
this program is great but there is 1 feature that will make it much much better!
here is an example of what is happening:
i'm downloading 80 files from rapidshare... each part is 100 mega...each part in average is taking
about 15 minutes to download than this software waits 15 minutes to download the next file.
if i'm near the computer i just disconnect and reconnect to the internet and skip that waiting time.
so with out me being near the computer i will wait 40 hours to download all parts
with me disconnecting and connecting i will wait only 20 hours!!!!
is it complicated to have feature of disconnecting and connecting after each part?
same as internet explorer automaticlly dial my deafult connection when i first start the computer and
click the IE.
it would be great if this great software will have something like this and save half the time!

thanks in advance for all hard job you did here
chears :)
Re: reconnect feature
June 14, 2009 04:32PM
follow this thread


please post your request there once more! maybe we can convince the developers to imlpement it!
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