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Quitting Application

Posted by gazhd 
Quitting Application
June 05, 2015 09:02AM
It seems that right after hitting CTRL+Q the first time the application "waits" indefinitely untill you hit CTRL+Q a second time. At that moment the application fails to prompt to ask for application-exit.

Request: Can you make the prompt popup reset so that everytime you hit CTRL+Q the application prompts for exit.

Why do we need this: Well i happen to check and validate every url I add to FRD so I happen to always hit CTRL+W all the time but during my long hours of ebook downloading I inadvertently happen to double click on CTRL+Q not consecutively, but in a long span period (*SPAN not spam)
See if i hit ctrlQ at 7pm, Frd asks if i want to exit, but if I hit it again at 815pm it automatically shuts off. I would like to avoid that. You see? Its a simple loop you have to add thats all.

PS: You definitely dont want to exit an application when its downloading other stuff.
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