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Headless mode and REST API

Posted by koprivajakub 
Headless mode and REST API
November 08, 2017 02:28AM
Hi, I have put to work my own NAS solution with bananapi M2U and it is working pretty fine, for streaming a video to my TV exactly what I needed.

And I came up with an idea, would be possible to add simple REST API and Headless mode (Headless mode only to save some RAM because you really don't need the GUI on the NAS) for the FRD? It would be nice to send an URL via HTTP request to my NAS and let it download a movie for me, while I am in the public transport on my way home or simply from work.

Then it would be possible to offer a plugin for Open Media Vault (open source NAS administration software) to provide it with FRD and spread the tool to bigger audience. Please contact me for details. I might help with the implementation, since I am developing REST solutions for several years now.

Jakub from Prague
Re: Headless mode and REST API
December 06, 2018 01:55PM
Run it through xpra - [xpra.org] and disconnect (after filling it with links). The system will swap X away when it needs RAM.
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