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DNS over HTTPS (DoH) / Encrypt DNS

Posted by honey_ami 
DNS over HTTPS (DoH) / Encrypt DNS
September 07, 2019 08:22AM
Apparently firefox has option where encrypted dns can help you secure your dns queries and thus open sites blocked by ISPs. ( esni + network.trr.mode )
Even opera added it recently [blogs.opera.com]

Remember when we had a Tunlr DNS plugin here @ FRD using which we could open sites which were geo blocked?

I was wondering if FRD can be made to support such encrypted DNS?
Re: DNS over HTTPS (DoH) / Encrypt DNS
September 07, 2019 08:54AM
I guess it's possible to use secured DNS with current version but it requires a little bit of experimenting and testing. It's just a theory smiling smiley. I have no experience with that.

The point is to forward all DNS requests to the proxy this way:

FRD <===> DNS Proxy <===> Secured DNS server

Step 1 - use local instance of JDnsProxy
- Launch and configure [github.com]
- run it locally on ip

Step 2 - override DNS resolver in Java App (FRD is a Java app)
- Use Java 8
- add property
to the
The property is described here:
and here:

Alternatively to Step 2 you can override DNS resolving to the on your OS you are using. App will use that as default.


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Re: DNS over HTTPS (DoH) / Encrypt DNS
September 09, 2019 12:49AM
Interesting smiling smiley
Lets see what other devs have to say.

Since cloudflare isn't gonna change its ip (
I was hoping that we somehow make this change permanent in the main app itself
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