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thumbs upDefault to newly created folder + thumbs upAuto-suggest folders

Posted by KentClark 
thumbs upDefault to newly created folder + thumbs upAuto-suggest folders
February 25, 2010 08:47AM
Unless I've completely missed the following features (which, I concede, is entirely possible):

1) At least in my experience, the whole purpose of creating a new folder in a program like FRD is to use it immediately. So it's a bit of a frustration when FRD instead goes back to the root folder that a new folder was created in after using the "Make New Folder" button. Unless there's a programming reason why such a feature can't be implemented, please consider at least changing this behavior an option, i.e., being able to make FRD automatically select the newly created folder. (I hope you understand this as a request and not a demand, because there are few things that I find ruder than people demanding new features from a freeware program).
2) The second suggestion would make it easier to find previous created folders by typing in the first letter (or few letters) of the folders and then the program would "suggest" folders that begin with that letter (or those letters) via a dropdown menu(?). I hope that's understandable, but if not, I could write a more detailed explanation of what I mean.
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