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#1: FreeRapid like regular Apple MacOS application

Posted by Vity 
#1: FreeRapid like regular Apple MacOS application
April 27, 2009 04:31PM
If you are user of MacOS, you can change look and feel of FreeRapid to be more like other regular MacOS application.

Note: Since FreeRapid 0.85u1, Quaqua L&F has been integrated into FRD distribution package. You don't need to do following steps.

Here are necessary steps to do it:
1. Download Quaqua Look And Feel
2. Close FreeRapid
3. Copy following files from dist folder in the downloaded zip file into FreeRapid's "lookandfeel" directory:
Quaqua\dist\quaqua.jar, Quaqua\dist\libquaqua64.jnilib, Quaqua\dist\libquaqua.jnilib, Quaqua\dist\swing-layout.jar
4. Run FreeRapid
5. Go to Options->Preferences->UI Settings and select from combobox Quaqua. Apply/OK new settings.
6. Restart FreeRapid

Note: This tip is only for MacOS users. Quaqua Look And Feel won't work on other systems.

Update: Since version 0.86 Quaqua L&F is bundled within FRD distribution, you don't need to download it.


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