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#7: Faster startup of the application

Posted by Vity 
#7: Faster startup of the application
September 28, 2009 08:05AM
FRD comes with several look and feels files in the lookandfeels directory, unfortunately loading these "skins" take some time during startup. If you already chose your favorite one, you can delete other files. You will get about 2-3 seconds faster startup.
(You can always return the files back, they will be detected again).


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Re: #7: Faster startup of the application
October 29, 2009 05:16PM
and also defragmentation too makes some minor difference...

Nova Softwares
Gujarat - India
Re: #7: Faster startup of the application
July 13, 2014 08:22PM
This is a great tip and thank you so much for all your effort and generosity in providing this wonderful, one of a kind program...however, I think the
question is ..how can we tell which files in the 'look and feel' folder correspond to the different skins available in the program?

I hope this isn't a silly question to inconvenience you..


Re: #7: Faster startup of the application
March 06, 2015 05:34PM
Been using this trick for years now.. but there is a bug I think.
I have completed deleted the lookandfeels folder.

Now when I choose the "Metal Ocean" theme
every time I start FRD.. I have to maximize it again.

This theme doesnt remember the screen state on startup

not sure if it has been discussed before.. and I dont have any other machine to test.. so can anyone confirm?
Re: #7: Faster startup of the application
March 29, 2015 12:34PM
Tested with Windows XP (in vm) and linux (Ubuntu variant) works fine here. So I'm not quite sure what's wrong.
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