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Easy Guide Math Expressions

Posted by cris5279 
Easy Guide Math Expressions
July 16, 2008 06:38PM
I read many post of this, and i will write some kind of ejamples, common errors and some useful expresion.

--- How write and expresion.


Very clear on imagen.....

When its active you can write everything what you want.
Its easier explain it with examples and pictures.


As you can see there is how you write (exact like in the calculator) and how you see when its finish (in my case v200)

Important Thing you have to know.

-----Common Errors
You CANT write things like:

1.- x=y=z.... Only cant use one =, must be logic
2.- y=-x Wrong!!!, its like the calculator, you have one (-) to subtract and another to multipliy.

well....There is the (-)


------Common and Useful expression.

Well this one are general (integrals and deriv) but you never know...



The first one is very usefull thumbs up smiley, its read like a list beacuse you cant put subind in a math expression.

But the second i really dont recomend...to ugly but many guys ask How i can....

Well if someone knows more thinks like this we can make a great guide about this for beginers.

Well if my english is not so good....srry eye rolling smiley

Finaly i add one File for V200 (use TiEMu if you dont have) where you can see how i use math expr.
Another useful thing what i add is the size for a picture for V200. I use paint hot smiley

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Re: Easy Guide Math Expressions
July 17, 2008 08:32AM
Hello again,
Thanks for this tutorial.
I added a link to this tutorial on the list of tutorials created by fans:


Re: Easy Guide Math Expressions
June 12, 2009 06:42PM
hi, thank for the work,
the sintax for subind seems not work on Ti-89, do you know if it work only with v200?
I use hibwiew ver 1.0 to open the file on the calc

Opps my fault, i reset the calc and i install an older o.s version, 3.01, instead the 3.10...whit the latest o.s the subind work perfectly
smiling smiley

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