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WordRider 0.7beta released(Updated)
May 14, 2005 12:53PM
Update:Links to this beta version were deleted. Use the final version instead(from the main Download section).

It's finally here - the new version after 3 months. smiling smiley
I rewrote a lot of code and I added many new functionalities so it's neccesary to test everything again smiling smiley.

Please don't make an annoucement about this version at your pages.

I hope you will like this version. It was a bloody work winking smiley.
Main new features:
+ improved compatibility to Hibview
+ options dialog with many settings
+ image import
+ new look&feels support
+ and much more...

If you find a potentional bug, so please write it in this chat thread. Suggestions are welcome as well.
Spanish translation will be included later.

I also recommend(it's not neccessary) you to upgrade to the latest JRE(Java Runtime Enviroment) version, which solves some JVM bugs.
JRE 1.4:[java.sun.com]
or JRE 1.5:[java.sun.com]
I noticed that WordRider started faster on the JRE 1.5.

Note : This is a beta version - not fully tested. It's intended for experienced users.

Update:Links to this beta version were deleted. Use the final version instead(from the main Download section).



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Re: WordRider 0.7beta released
May 14, 2005 07:20PM
hey ^^
that's a great work :D
the options r so sweet
mostly the last used chars one ^^ because i use them quite a lot :p
btw, the +- sign is still remplaced by the divide sign (and i cant find them in the math menu :s)
and in the french tranlation, it's apparence and not apparance :p
i hope u'll keep working on this software, i cant wait the coming versions :D (mostly the predefined styles :p)

Re: WordRider 0.7beta released
May 14, 2005 07:31PM
Thank you Firlou for your comment.
Neither Hibview nor Txtrider support +- sign character - they display the "divide sign" only(you can test it when you use APPS-text editor and insert +- sign and then open it in your favorite viewer) - that's why i removed it from the math menu smiling smiley.
I plan to do some grouping of styles in future versions.
I will fix the apparance smiling smiley.

Thanks again


Re: WordRider 0.7beta released
May 16, 2005 09:24PM
Really, excellent work.
Especially this Image importer plugin, it simply rocks!
Thank you for creating this masterpiece...
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