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Interrupted download resume / Navázání přerušeného stahování
January 12, 2021 11:55AM
when uloz.to download is interrupted because internet connection failed, then i see the FRD 1.0 beta asks to overwrite (not resume), so i set overwrite and the download progress gives impression of resumed download from previous state.

Can i be sure FRD will properly resume in case of uloz.to and the file will be the clone of the source file? The .mkv video file will be error free?

I read that there are suggested commands like:
ffmpeg -v error -i "file name.mkv" -f null - 2>error.log;cat error.log
(took 8 minutes, no output)

someone else says ffprobe is 10% faster or catch more errors:
ffprobe -v error -count_frames -threads 0 -i "file name.mkv"
(took 6 minutes, no output)
or more detailed:
ffprobe -show_entries stream=r_frame_rate,nb_read_frames,duration -select_streams v -count_frames -of compact=p=1:nk=1 -threads 3 -v 0 "file name.mkv"
(took 6 minutes, shown fps, failed to display video runtime, shown number of frames detected. As it failed to display runtime, i could not multiply it by FPS so i can compare the result with the displayed number of frames to see if there is difference => problem // edit: no, i was counting this for other files, but none displayed correct result so i suspect this works.)

someone suggest just checking audio to save time/CPU:
ffmpeg -v error -i "file name.mkv" -map 0:1 -f null -
(took 16 seconds, no output)

mediainfo "file name.mkv" | grep -E "^(IsTruncated|Complete name)"
(took 1 second, no "truncated" output that would mean issue)

So it seems like that this time no error or i am using wrong command or the ffmpeg is unable to detect mkv file errors.
I have feeling that it happened already that some file was corrupted, i may be wrong.
Unfortunately uloz.to does not supply file hashes right?, though i am unsure if one byte change would cause hash to change.

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