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FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters

Posted by Vity 
Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
July 26, 2018 09:19PM
My display is set to 125% (full HD @ 15") - icons in FRD looks little bit edgy, not that nice.

Can that be fixed?
Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
October 05, 2018 12:01AM
I just updated to this beta version because the current stable version gives a very annoying and reoccurring error called "Call to Steve Jobs" on MacOS 10.13.

Looking forward to the stable version of FRD 1.0.

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Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
April 01, 2019 02:30AM
I noticed these problems (FRD running on Windows 7):

At any frd.exe start, app.log adds a line similar to
Mon Apr 01 00:38:31 CEST 2019 WARNING: Couldn't create fir C:\Users\JJJ\AppData\Roaming\VitySoft\FRD
(this is valid for both 0.9u4 and 1.0beta)

Apparently version 1.0beta shares settings with version 0.9u4 ...
... but although my installed version 0.9u4 had checked "use partial files (*.part)" in Settings, version 1.0beta didn't inherit this setting and has this checkbox cleared.
And if I use both versions alternately, they keep their individual setting ... and this is a surprise for me, I thought all settings were stored in AppData\Roaming\VitySoft\FRD\ ? In fact I banked on it when transferring FRD between computers.

I tested how is the behaviour with a fresh "data profile" AppData\Roaming\VitySoft\FRD\, shared between 0.9u4 and 1.0beta:
by default, 0.9u4 has the checkboc checked, and 1.0beta has it unchecked

Icons top/up/down/bottom are always greyed out in my instance od FRD. This is valid for both 0.9u4 and 1.0beta.

I tried a test: I removed most links from the list, and icons are ungreyed and working.
The instance that didn't work had 1037 downloads in the list.

The bugtracker page (http://bugtracker.wordrider.net/) shows nothing
I guess you know about it, because the bugtracker is not offered at [wordrider.net]
But next resources still point to the bugtracker:
- doc\readme.txt of 1.0beta
- wordrider.net/known-bugs.html

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Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
April 02, 2019 06:12PM
Continuation of the previous post:

It looks the limit is 1024 downloads in the list (in the main screen). If there are more downloads, icons top/up/down/bottom are greyed out.

While I can see 963 completed downloads in the list (in the main screen), I see only 959 downloads after View/Show history.
Sorry, I wasn't patient enough to locate the differences.
Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
April 03, 2019 05:44AM
1) make sure the FRD has an access to that directory (eg. no antivirus is blocking it)
2) I guess there was a bug related in .part files and I think it was fixed this way
3) there should not be any limit...
4) I will remove it, the bug tracker was buggy. The forum support is better for common users.


Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
April 04, 2019 12:22AM
which way do you mean?
Do you mean that this individual setting ( "use partial files (*.part)") is not stored in AppData\Roaming\VitySoft\FRD\ ?

indeed, there is no limit.

It was my mistake. Only now I understand how it works:
The list of downloads in the Main Screen may be sorted accordingly to Name,Progress,Completion...Date. By clicking on the appropriate word one can rotate between three statuses: for example: Name in ascending order/ name in descending order/ default order.
Only the default order doesn't have Top/Up/Down/Bottom greyed out and so allows manual changes of the order of items.

1) (edited)
that warning happens with both 0.9u4 and 1.0beta, and only sometimes
It is like I run and stop FRD, then there are one or two warnings in the file. Then I run and stop FRD again, and there is no new warning.

a new observation:
While version 0.9u4 appended new content to the app.log file, version 1.0beta rewrites it. Is it intended?

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Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
April 14, 2019 06:23AM
Excellent! Great!

FreeRapid, since my first day, I've never missed a vehicle. It is a tool that I have installed on my computer after every format. So, it is an indispensable part of my computer.

I've always been waiting for the new versions of Özlem with sadness. "Were program developers completely canceling this project?" I was thinking. I've been waiting a new version for years.

I was very happy when I realized I had a new version.
I'm a professional programmer. I will support all kinds of test programs in the development of this program. I'il explain my ideas for improvement.

You have made me very happy. Thanks!

Note: I'll help the program developer contact me.

Contact :
- nostrakabus@gmail.com
- facebook: @nosttakabus
Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
May 04, 2019 02:54PM
It looks as though the new 1.0 Beta version is for Windoze. Is there a MacOS version available?


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Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
May 05, 2019 04:13AM
1) The "Couldn't create fir ....." is NOT in v1.0beta.
1.1) When FRD (any version) is started a new log file is created after the first error/warning, with additional error/warnings appended.
2) The all versions share the same settings files. The default status for using partial files (*.part) has changed in v1.0beta. Don't use both versions alternately.

see [wordrider.net]

Anyone can create & fix plugins
Re: FreeRapid 1.0 beta for early adopters
August 11, 2019 12:11PM
The settings seem to persist even if I delete both ~/.FRD and program directory.

I've changed the theme and cannot start the app ever since no matter what I do.

        at org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.utils.SubstanceColorUtilities.getDefaultBackgroundColor(SubstanceColorUtilities.java:758)

Do you have a tip where the settings or cache might be stored on Ubuntu?


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