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Feature Requests

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1. Check following section Main known problems and limitations - for already known bugs and limitations first
2. Have you tried to application turn off and on again? :-)
3. Check forum for possible new known bug
4. You can try to delete configuration files
5. Run application in debug mode:
Windows OS: frd.exe --debug
Linux/MacOS: java -jar frd.jar --debug
6. Report problem

Main known problems and limitations

Problem: MacOS: Cannot run on MacOS. FreeRapid distribution is damaged.
Solution: The error message is misleading. You need to change the security and privacy permission to any developer. See this tutorial with pictures.

Problem: Application's download list is not saved. ESET NOD so called "Smart" Antivirus on Windows OS blocks FRD to work properly.
Solution: Disable or uninstall ESET NOD Antivirus. For more information see this forum thread

Problem: Application will not start if it's placed on the path with special characters like '+' or '%'
Solution: please move application to another location without such characters

Problem: ESET "Smart" Antivirus on Windows OS blocks FRD to start
Solution: make correct settings of your antivirus program or run FRD this way:
frd.exe -Doneinstance=false
More information about this problem you can find in forum .

Limitation: Always close FRD properly otherwise you can loose your file list (eg. Windows shutdown with force option...)

Problem: I cannot run FRD on the latest JRE (eg. Oracle Java 1.7_17 or later)
Solution: FRD is working on these JREs, but the JRE update system is broken so FRD cannot start properly. Try to re-install JRE and delete its folders (folder Java in Program files) first.
Just note that only Oracle Java is supported by FRD (not OpenJDK).

Problem: Substance look and feel throws org.jvnet.substance.api.UiThreadingViolationException:
Component creation must be done on Event Dispatch Thread
Solution: ignore this exception in the app.log

Problem: FRD can't update plugins - Access denied on Windows Vista/7 if FRD's directory is placed in Program files directory
Workaround: Run FRD as administrator
Solution: Upgrade to version 0.83 rc (or higher) and either move FRD to another directory or run FRD as administrator (right click->Properties->Run as administrator).

Problem: Splash screen blinks for some time on start - Windows
Solution: Unknown.

Problem: FRD can't connect to the servers at all if there is set proxy in the Internet Explorer
Workaround: Disable Internet Explorer connection proxy settings. Tools->Internet Options→Connections→LAN Settings - uncheck Use proxy Start FreeRapid again and set proxy manually in FreeRapid's Connection Settings.
Solution: Upgrade to version 0.8 (or higher).

Problem: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError exception
Solution: You are using old Java version, you should use Sun Java version 6 or newer

Problem: java.lang.IllegalStateException - Cannot open system clipboard
Solution: Unknown - Maybe the cause is MS Outlook?

Problem: IllegalArgumentException: 53687091 incompatible with Text-specific LCD contrast key
Solution: Fix your registry settings, please see forum thread

Problem: DirectoryChooser throws java.lang.InternalError or freezes on Win Vista (64bit)
Solution: ignore this exception in the app.log

Problem: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.awt.TrayIcon cannot be cast to java.awt.Component
Solution: ignore this exception in the app.log

Problem: Windows tray icon disappear when explorer.exe crashes
Solution: unknown

Problem: Linux users reported not showing icon in tray on Linux
Solution: the only one known solution for this problem could be an upgrade JRE to version 1.6.0_10-rc or higher

Bug report

If you see a bug, please do not assume that i know about it. Let us know as soon as possible so that i can fix it before the next release. Since our resources are limited, we can not backport bug fixes to earlier releases.
To report a bug, you can use the project forums (preferred).
We watch forums instantly so you probably get your answer soon.

Please report your JRE and OS version and attach file app.log (which is located in FreeRapid's folder).
It can help us to recognize a problem. You can also help us if you run application with --debug parameter.
We ignore simple reports like "I cannot run FRD. What should I do?". Describe your situation and application behaviour.

forum: FreeRapid Forum
mail: bugs/@/ (your mail can be caught by spam filter, so this way is NOT preffered!)