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Plugin request

Please read this FAQ item + look at the list of requested plugins .

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How to report problems with plugin

If the plugin is marked as not working, we already know about the problem, otherwise please go to forum and report this:

  • your FRD version,
  • your plugin version (please see Options -> Preferences -> Plugins - Settings),
  • describe problematic behaviour,
  • provide download links you have problem with.
  • you can help us if you attach app.log file, which is placed in FRD directory

Before you ask for help or you will ask for something
  1. Don't forget to check you are using the latest version of the plugin in the latest version FRD (we don't support old versions)
  2. Check also your firewalls and anti-viruses in cases of error like "unable to find host" or "service connection problem"
  3. We ignore simple sentences like "plugin XY is not working" (we usually delete them without warning).
  4. We cannot fix something, what is not reproducible for us. Give us more info and details about problem.
Thanks for understanding.

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