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We are looking for translators for these languages: Swedish, Belarusian, Croatian, Bulgarian - any still not listed. You don't need special knowledge to make a translation. Just UTF-8 text editor and 1-1.5hour of free time.
See our tutorial for translators.
We prefer people skilled with Subversion.

Language translation(s) maintainer

We need a man/woman, who likes FRD and wants to help with bundling translations into FRD.
This person should be responsible for communication with translators around world.
Knowledge of tools Apache Ant and Subversion is necessary (but we can teach you that).

Spread the word about FreeRapid Downloader

Do you like FreeRapid Downloader? Write a blog post about it. Please provide a link to this website.

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Documentation writers

Do you have some good idea for tutorial/beginner's guide like this one but in your language? Send us a link.

Plugin developer

We are also looking for other co-workers who are able to maintain more plugins.
Java experience is required.
Please see our tutorials

Please contact us (admin/at/ for more details.

We also accept monetary donations - see this section