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FreeRapid Downloader - Features

Suggestions and and new feature requests 
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Startup delay

by MrVivi
3,050 3 07/10/2010 08:10PM
Last Post by MrVivi

Captcha Timeout

by MCSammer
3,287 2 07/09/2010 08:35AM
Last Post by ntoskrnl

Better downloads history

by geoshh
2,895 1 07/07/2010 05:55AM
Last Post by geoshh


by maiki
3,747 6 07/03/2010 12:04PM
Last Post by dup

Some more suggestions

by CarlosMC
2,476 2 07/02/2010 07:03PM
Last Post by CarlosMC

Making a download array of different services

by nosonoso
2,602 3 07/02/2010 05:56PM
Last Post by CarlosMC

Using freerapid-plugins without main application

by Anonymous User
72,069 8 06/30/2010 07:10AM
Last Post by ntoskrnl

Read Backwards links

by rodrigozanatta
2,898 1 06/27/2010 03:41AM
Last Post by rodrigozanatta

[req] feature for FRD to convert rapidshare links to IP address before downloading

by archaven
4,294 8 06/23/2010 11:53PM
Last Post by X_Hunter

Great Feature

by WillCart
2,659 2 06/21/2010 07:37PM
Last Post by ntoskrnl

Suggestion for links with extra tag

by soc_j
2,493 1 06/21/2010 07:43AM
Last Post by soc_j

Better Proxylist support

by shawn8888
3,953 2 06/19/2010 09:38PM
Last Post by oldtimer

Simple backend interface for programmers

by Anonymous User
2,417 3 06/17/2010 12:32PM
Last Post by Vity

Prevent system to enter standby

by Zpokorny
2,488 3 06/16/2010 07:11PM
Last Post by Vity

rapidshare links to IP address before downloading?

by human75
3,161 5 06/15/2010 12:38PM
Last Post by ntoskrnl

Simplify Plug-in Creation

by debug
3,395 4 06/09/2010 06:56PM
Last Post by Vity

Loading links from file

by Furgas
2,442 1 05/29/2010 05:36PM
Last Post by Furgas

web interface/control

by hcman
2,503 3 05/17/2010 07:44AM
Last Post by hcman

Proxy List checking & auto error reporting

by MCSammer
3,127 1 05/11/2010 06:08PM
Last Post by MCSammer

Host Connection limit feature?

by MCSammer
2,720 3 05/08/2010 06:35PM
Last Post by MCSammer