Known bugs and Limitations


Complete list of recorded bugs you can find in the WordRider Bug tracker.
If you find a possible bug, there are 4 ways to let me know

Please use English or German if possible. The correction will be included in the next release.


Problem: Some characters are not displayed.
Details: See our FAQ section "Why WordRider doesn't support ..."
Solution: Use an alternate character.

Problem: Count of the characters(in the smallest and the biggest font) on the line does not correspond with a count of the characters in the calculator
Details: WordRider uses the TI92PlusPC true type font which covers most of calc characters(not all, but most of them). Its disadvantage is that it has not similar sizes with a font used in the calculator. Therefore the default width for emulation is set to 'normal' size font(25 characters, I expect that users will use it most frequently). Other font sizes are only near their count. I would be able to decrease smallest font size(to reach about 35 characters per line), but the text would have stopped to be readable(i had such responses from users with a high resolution screen).
It's really really hard to create similar true type font which is used in the calc. I don't know anybody who would be able to create it - maybe you can? :-)
Solution: Unknown.

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