Current version is WordRider 0.8, released on 25th February 2007.
See history.txt for a list of corrections.

Please, consider a donation for this open source project.

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1. Jack Nai-Ruscone $18.00
2. Jean-François Payeur $15.00
3. Alain Demarque $13.30
4. Peter Lassen $10.00
5. Fernando Nunes $10.00
6. Risto Lappalainen $10.00
7. Francesco Gervasi $5.00
8. NHolc $5.00
9. Chirag Patel $5.00
10. Alexandre Ornia $5.00
11. Valerio Oricchio $5.00
12. Mark Stahler $5.00
13. Sylvain Daudé $5.00
14. Alain Blanc $5.00

Number of donations since 2004: 14
*feels unappreciated*


  Platform Download
MS Windows Windows 2000, XP download ZIP file (622 kB)
download MD5 file md5: 3549a0208f5471bfee8531732be736d2
Linux Linux download tar.gz file (611 kB)
download MD5 file md5: f055a8ba937153d68fa1fc4c41ead656
MacOS MacOS download tar.gz file (573 kB)
download MD5 file md5: 1fba86a9af0ba5cccd8d102674d35b06

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Minimal system requirements to run WordRider are described in this section.
Please make sure that you have Java platform (at least version Java SE 5 or Java SE 6) installed.

All language translations (English, French, Spanish, Polish, German and Czech) are already included.

Note for the MacOS distribution: This distribution was not tested and has no additional bundled Look&Feel. The default Java Look&Feel is used.


  Platform Download
sources Windows 2000, XP download (790 kB)
download md5: 2b2bfe8821a567c38d3fac5bb767b968
sources Linux, MacOS download (513 kB)
download md5: 731ae0b62197f8674e8e6c4d7633b513

Latest source codes can be get from Subversion repository (more info).

You can verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the MD5 signature. A unix program called md5 or md5sum is included in many unix distributions. It is also available as part of GNU Textutils. Windows users can get binary md5 programs from here, here or here.

Look&Feels - skins

Currently supported Look&Feels are:

  Look and Feels Download
theme JTattoo download (620 kB)
Note:consists of 11 different skins
theme PgsLookAndFeel download (151 kB)
theme Liquid download (405 kB)
theme Squareness download (116 kB)
theme InfoNode download (149 kB)
theme Substance download (1 322 kB)
theme NimROD download (107 kB)
theme Metouia download (62 kB)
theme Tiny download (560 kB)
theme Tonic download (380 kB)
theme Kunststoff download (83 kB)
Note:bundled with this release(Windows, Linux), doesn't work on MacOS

These Look and feels are copyrighted by their authors. Read their licenses. You can install them by copying "selectedLookAndFeel.jar" to WordRider's /lib directory and restart/launch WordRider. You can change the current Look&Feel in the options dialog(Menu | Options | Appearance | Look&Feel).

Here you can post some short messages to authors of WordRider.

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