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FreeRapid Downloader - Features

Suggestions and and new feature requests 
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some propositions

by zlotowinfo
2,706 1 09/20/2009 09:42PM
Last Post by zlotowinfo

how to enter rapidshare account details

by telugutambi
2,751 2 09/17/2009 03:10PM
Last Post by Vity

Link Backup

by mufmuf
3,540 2 09/16/2009 06:06PM
Last Post by Vity

Autorun of FRD during start of the Windows if download list is not clear

by tralek
2,978 1 09/15/2009 09:39PM
Last Post by tralek

Please create plugin for download video rutube.ru

by Alter
3,384 2 09/03/2009 02:26PM
Last Post by Alter

FDR lost download list in case PC shutdown abnormally

by aan
2,674 2 09/01/2009 03:55AM
Last Post by Vity

New Features

by Jgarzon
2,648 2 08/29/2009 08:09AM
Last Post by Vity

Auto retry for broken or download get error while download Attachments

by aan
4,421 6 08/28/2009 09:34PM
Last Post by Vity

Feature Request : Command Line Parameter to resume all downloads

by raja_s_patil
2,771 2 08/25/2009 04:07AM
Last Post by Vity

Window positioning and dimensions

by UpDown
2,621 3 08/22/2009 01:58PM
Last Post by UpDown

More than 9 max concurrent download at a time

by GreenDimaond
2,880 2 08/16/2009 06:44AM
Last Post by Vity

script for autocaptcha

by Zangets
3,366 1 08/11/2009 11:25PM
Last Post by Zangets

Try next proxy when error occurs hot smiley

by Strix
4,228 5 08/11/2009 03:25PM
Last Post by Strix

Cycling proxy list

by KWagger
3,105 2 08/09/2009 12:44PM
Last Post by Strix

sort by column header

by klynix
2,889 5 08/06/2009 03:54AM
Last Post by klynix

Export and Import DL list option

by Dioxyde
2,530 3 08/04/2009 10:53PM
Last Post by Dioxyde

When jAntiCaptcha doesn't work...

by pablorosatti
5,461 2 08/04/2009 07:22PM
Last Post by Vity

Minimize to tray option

by C47
2,907 4 08/04/2009 01:36PM
Last Post by Vity

CAPTCHA sound alert

by mrtvocich
3,346 3 07/08/2009 09:37AM
Last Post by ntoskrnl

auto connect feature

by zevel80300
2,935 1 07/06/2009 09:09AM
Last Post by zevel80300