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29th December 2004

Finally, a new WordRider is available! This version fixes many bugs(eg. bad checksum in generated text file) and adds some new features like "Recent files", "Check for new version". This version includes a French translation created by Moumou and FpgForce. For a complete list of changes see history.txt. The complete version can be downloaded here.

19th December 2004

WordRider has own forum! Now you can discuss in our new section. Forum is almost empty so don't worry to contribute.Registration is fast and easy.
I also still work on the new WordRider version which will include some new features planned for 0.6. I hope I release it before X-mas.

7th December 2004

Now you can discuss WordRider here(French forum) or here(International forum). You can decide what should be enhanced in the next version!
French language support will be in the WordRider 0.5 RC1 included :-) - thanks to Moumou.

28th November 2004

WordRider 0.5 beta 2 was released. This version solves the problem with strange behaviour with 'é' and 'è'(thanks to Hibou). Also sample text file for viewing was added.

27th November 2004

Great news! Ximoon wrote a short article about WordRider at TI-France.
I also got very positive responses from members of TI-forums.

6th November 2004

Contact & Support, FAQ section was updated. You can also use RSS for checking news now.

3rd November 2004

First public beta version of WordRider 0.5 is available for download.

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