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26th October 2005

WordRider 0.75

This release fixes a few bugs. Thanks to Agnus, who sent me info yesterday, I was able to identify and locate a serious bug - useless format tags in the output document. It caused the output files to be bigger than they should be... ;-)
Another correction fixes problems with the viewing of the left border(dots indicating a new paragraph) in the text area on JRE 1.5.0_05. More about fixes.
Finally I added a support for new themes in the Substance Look&Feel v2.0(screenshots). It already has more than 15 color themes!
If you are a member of the Sun Developer Network (SDN), you can vote for a bug which I discovered in the latest Java 1.5.0_05 - "JTextPane - Selection for empty lines is not visible". It helps them fix the bug sooner.

Enjoy WordRider 0.75

22th September 2005

Your text files as sample demos for the next version

Do you want to contribute to WordRider, but you don't know programming? Did you created some text file with pictures, which would be able to demonstrate most of features of WordRider? If it's your answer YES in both questions so please send me the text file(s) on this mail and i'll might include them as sample demos in the next version.
English language is not required.

Hibtext is more stable than Hibview

As Renato Costa informed me, Hibtext viewer(an older version of Hibview) is more stable on V200 or under the AMS 2.08(or newer). I tested and it worked fine.
You can download it from the Hibview's homepage - look for a news item from 18/05/2003.

18th September 2005

German translation

Thank to Mhubi, I included german localization into WordRider 0.74. German-speaking users have to download current version again(yeah :-(, I need to change this behaviour for the next version).
Don't forget to vote for future features of WordRider!

13th September 2005

WordRider 0.74

Yeah, the next version of WordRider is here. A lot of code was rewritten and many new functionalities were added (as usual ;-)).
I prepared a short overview with pictures for you: Learn news for version 0.74

WordRider 0.74 brings these main new features:

  • TI-92/92+/V200 support
  • improved compatibility to Hibview
  • enhanced working with a text area
  • image properties dialog
  • new image import filters
  • bugfixes and other improvements
WordRider v0.74 is available in this download section. Also the documentation section was updated.
I thank to all translators - namely(in the alphabetical order): Fèlix, FpgForce and Sislik.

Enjoy using WordRider!
Don't forget to vote for future features of WordRider.
Also, please consider a donation for WordRider project.

10th August 2005

Roadmap update

The roadmap based on users' requests was updated. Also you can vote for new features (the questionnaire is situated in 'iframe' tag, so that’s why you have to disable your ban killers if neccessary ;-)).
The next beta release will come with improved Hibview and Ti92 support soon!
Stay informed with the RSS.

19th July 2005

New tutorials by Sislik

Sislik sent me really good tutorials(in the Macromedia Flash format) for beginners.
Highly recommended!

17th July 2005

Shortcuts - quick reference

I updated the documentation section. I hope that the new reference of shortcuts can help you to improve the speed of writing in WordRider.

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21st May 2005

WordRider 0.7

It's finally here - the new version - after 4 months. :-) A lot of code was rewritten and many new functionalities were added, include shortcuts.
Main new features:

  • improved compatibility to Hibview
  • options dialog with many settings
  • image import (JPEG, GIF,...)
  • new look&feels support(definitely check the PgsLookAndFeel)
  • bugfixes
  • and much more...
I thank to all translators - namely(in the alphabetical order): Fèlix, FpgForce and Sislik.
All users of the beta version should upgrade to this version.
WordRider v0.7 is available in this download section.
Enjoy using WordRider!

Don't forget to vote for future features of WordRider.
Also The Screenshots section and The Links section were updated.

14th May 2005

WordRider 0.7 BETA

I released a new version for testing purposes. You can find more information in this forum.

28th March 2005

Upcoming WordRider 0.7

These days I work hard on the new version, which I plan to release in April in May.
What can you look forward to in this version?
Many users will welcome the image importer (inserting bitmaps and converting into 89i) or special dialog for many user settings. From the other functionatilities I can mention - speed up of reading files, allowing only one instance of WordRider, support of new Look&Feels. I also optimized about 30% of the source code and included many little enhancements(based on users' requests).
Be among the first to check these new features out before the final release - be a beta tester! Send an email with a subject "SIGN BETA" and I will contact you as soon as the new beta version will be available for testing.
WordRider is always open for your suggestions in this forum.

28th January 2005

I released the next version - WordRider 0.55. This version doesn't bring too many news exclude new Spanish translation made by Félix Diaz. I also fixed (many thanks to thewolf) a bug which caused the instability on the MacOS( more about this problem). I cannot test it myself on this system, but I hope it works now.
You can read more in the history of changes.
WordRider 0.55 is available in our download section.
Translators still wanted! Read the news below.

17th January 2005

Great news! WordRider was reviewed by and it was called like "MS Word for calculator" ;-).
Although I am very busy with school things right now, the next version is in development. I updated "to do" list.

I still look for native speakers - translators to languages such as German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian... So if you would like to help users in your country, don't hesitate to contact me.

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