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11th November 2006 - WordRider 0.8alpha 3 released

WordRider 0.8 alpha 3 was released. This is last alpha build. I guess it's starting to be stable enough :-). This build brings some new features again. See the list of changes.
I will release a beta version as soon as I get all translations from translators.

Your advices and suggestions are welcome.

Update: WordRider 0.8beta will contain a translation to Polish language - thanks to Kuba Koscielniak.

4th November 2006 - WordRider 0.8alpha 2 is out

click to enlarge
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Another alpha version is ready for testing. This version finally includes a support for importing TI Notefolio™ Creator files (89y, 9xy).
I also hope that you will be pleasured by new welcome screen in WordRider.
For more information about the latest build see this topic in the forum.
Don't forget to check out my another application called Damaq :-).

Your advices and suggestions are welcome. You can use either forum or guestbook or email.

23rd October 2006 - WordRider 0.8alpha preview

WordRider 0.8alpha preview is now available for download. This is a special build for testing purposes.
Main new features are Find All functionality and sending files to calculator directly from WordRider via extern utility.
For more information see this topic in the forum.

29th September 2006 - Screenshot from the newest version

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I am bringing you a screenshot from the newest version of WordRider.
In the picture you will see the planned "Find All" functionality.

I don't know when it will be finished because I am working on many other projects, including Damaq, at the same time.

2nd July 2006 - Damaq v1.0 released!

I finished another application written in Java (I told you about it last time).
You can find more details about this application in the forum.

8th April 2006 - Where am I and the next version gone?

I am currently working on school work so I cannot spend to work on Wordrider as I would wish.
I plan to go back to WordRider although it started to be a little boring and I would like to create something quite new. But, I am also looking for experienced Java SWING developer(s) who would like to contribute to WordRider. WordRider is an open source software so anybody can contribute - not only me.
If you have any questions or bug reports/feature requests so please use this forum. I usually have a problem with spam filters...


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